Types of Massage

"... learn for yourself why a massage, is just not a massage."



At Knead Relief, we offer an extensive variety of treatment types, sure to suit your needs.  Having trouble deciding which type of massage is right for you?  Prior to your treatment, your therapist will discuss with you your goals and expectations and customize your session to ensure you find the relief you need.

Swedish Massage/ Traditional
New to massage?  A Swedish massage is a great place to start.  During treatment, your Knead Relief therapist will use smooth, gliding strokes along with kneading and stretching to provide total relaxation to mind and body.
Deep Tissue
A more focused therapy, deep tissue massage uses more intense pressure across the body's muscles.  Treatment is often used to stimulate circulation and manage chronic muscle tension.
Couples Massage
Great for special occasions or an everyday escape, enjoy any one of our treatments side by side with a friend or loved one in our couples rooms.
Soothe your nerves and your sore muscles during your pregnancy with a prenatal massage.  Your therapist with take special care of you with a custom treatment while you wait for your bundle of joy to arrive!
Used both before and after sporting events, a sports massage is an excellent choice for professional or recreational athletes.  This type of Swedish massage is useful to those suffering from chronic pain or injury.
Hot Stone
During this specialty treatment, your therapist will place smooth, heated basalt rocks on specific points on the body.  The use and placement of the warm rocks creates the ultimate healing and relaxing experience.

All treatments are customized to each individual clients needs and comfort levels.  Your therapist will consult you prior to your session to determine your appropriate treatment type.  Please consult your personal physician should you have medical concerns related to your massage.




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